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  Thermal couple protecion tubes
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Weifang Liufang SISIC Ceramics Co.,Ltd
Post code:261200
T e l: +86-0536-2280298     +86-0-13706468476
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E—mail:  lf0536@163.com
Address: Fangzi District,Weifang,Shandong provice,PRC
 About us

Wei fang Liufang SISIC Ceramics Co.,Ltd a SISIC specialized manufacture with .Its annual expected production output reaches 100 tons , and its major products are SISIC materials , which include different kinds of products such as roller ,cross beam ,girt strip ,burner cover , quench tube ,thermocouple protection tube ,sagger ,crucible ,blast nozzle ,desulfurizing blast nozzle for large boiler in power station and so on ,sealing element ,and special type heat resistant ,attrition resistant ,corruption resistant pieces and so on .Our products have achieved the same level with Europe standard industry .Parts of our products have been exported to America ,South Korea ,Australia ,South Africa ,Japan ,Malaysia ,Vietnam ,United Arab Emirates ,Thailand and Taiwan etc.

    SISIC is a new kind of ceramics material ,which has basic characteristic and performance such as high strength、high temperature resistance、hardness resistance、wear resistance、corrosion resistance ,oxidization resistance ,creep resistance under higher temperature ,thermal sock resistance ,high thermal conductivity ,high thermal efficient .Our products of SISIC material can be widely used in sanitary ceramics、consumer ceramics、electric porcelain、magnetic materials 、crystallite glass 、industrial kilns ,automobile ,pump ,boiler ,power plant ,paper making ,petroleum industry ,metallurgy ,chemical industry ,machinery ,aviation ,and flight industries a >>Details entered

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Address:Fangzi District,Weifang,Shandong provice,PRC   
 Post code :261200   Tel:86-0536—2280298  13706468476  
 Fax:86-0536—2280298    E-mail:huazwang@163.com
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